Monday, March 14

Save the Date!

The next post to follow would normally be the story about how Mr. PS and I met…but the final design of our Save the Date (STD) cards is finished. I’m so excited to share, we’ll rewind back to the beginning soon, I promise.

And now for the big reveal!

First, after scouring the internet through hundreds of different designs like this...

and this...


I changed my mind for a style that could incorporate one of our engagement photos.  Hundreds of choices later, we decided to use a template from The design was 20% off, and I was able to apply another 20% coupon from an email promotion.  I saved almost half off the original price and avoided countless hours of frustration printing these at home. Score!

[Quick public service announcement - many websites now offer online tools where you can customize the text and upload your photo to get a digital proof of the design before you order. As a visual person, the tool made me confident in my decision to purchase the order.]

Most couples would address the envelopes, add a stamp, and be done with it. Yet, here’s the point where reading one too many wedding blogs brought to my attention the idea of do-it-yourself. I'm not super creative, but I can be crafty with the right tools.  First, I learned about a simple ‘corner rounding’ tool. It’s a punch that elegantly rounds the square corner of a piece of paper. Voila!

Then, after a sale waiting game for cardstock and scrapbook paper to go from 69 cents per sheet to 4 sheets for $1, it was time to roll up my sleeves and break out the paper slicer.  Each sheet could make 4 mounting layers or 4 envelope liners.  After all that cutting, I sandwiched half a business card magnet between the photo and pink cardstock layer. Trial, error and persistence paid off -- I thought I could cut the magnets into thirds, and divided a whole pack of 10 magnets. Oops! The card slid to the floor when I tried to put it on the fridge. In the words of Homer Simpson, 'Doh!'

Now our our guests can post it on the fridge as a reminder of our big day.  The final touch to the card was a scratch-off sticker to incorporate an element of fun and surprise for the addressee!

We’re not quite finished yet, though. Cutting a pretty striped paper envelope liner using DIY instructions from the internet and double-sided tape as adhesive to the inside of a plain silver envelope, here’s what our guests can look forward to receiving:

There's something personally gratifying about this semi-DIY craft project.  Now, I just have to repeat each step 140 times and mail by March 30…no problem!

What do you think about my final product? And what DIY elements did/will you incorporate for your Save the Dates?

* personal photos unless otherwise attributed *

Thursday, March 10

Meet the Sequins

Hello internet, I’d first like to introduce you to my amazing fiancĂ©. A self-proclaimed surf junkie, Mr. PS feels most at home in the water. While on vacay, locals and tourists alike are impressed with his ability. Check him out at his favorite surf spot, Cabo:

He’s been surfing for almost 25 years and has at least 50 more in him! That would put him over 90 years old, and I know he'll get there because longevity runs in his family.  When he’s not on a surfboard or planning his next warm water trip, Mr. PS loves Cowboys football, poker with the boys and a good round of golf. Fun facts: 1) he’s never made the pilgrimage to Hawaii and 2) although he’s never owned a dog, he has a strange affinity for all things beagle.  He says it’s because a beagle won ‘Best in Show’ and I say it’s a little weird. We all have our quirks, I guess.

This one’s for Mr. PS:

The next member of our family is our fuzzy feline friend Ollie the Cat. He loves to sleep, eat breakfast at 6am, and snuggle. We have thousands of photos of this looker, and it goes without saying that he is VERY spoiled. He also is a very terrible at hiding...

Last but not least, there’s me, pink sequins. I’m learning to embrace my true spirit as girly girl after previous careers in the Navy and consulting for the federal government. 

My favorite hobby is sleep, which makes me an obvious choice as Ollie’s snuggle buddy.  I grew up an introvert in extrovert clothing and now allow myself to prefer a good read on the Kindle over a social night out. I’m over-analytical, which is great for researching and compiling information but less so for decision making -- hence the reason wedding planning is such an overwhelming task for me. Thank goodness for Mr. S! He makes decisions when I cannot and takes wedding tasks off my list with a cheerful heart.  I’m a lucky girl! He also has the patience of a saint...teaching me to surf is no picnic, but at least I look the part :)

Now that you’ve gotten to know us a little better, let’s get to know you. Who do you regard as your “family” and what makes them especially dear to you? 

* all photos personal unless otherwise attributed *

Wednesday, March 9

From the Brink of a Bridal Breakdown

I’ve been feeling guilty for my “one and done” blog left unattended for several weeks. Only now looking back, can I see that creating it was #3 on the countdown to a complete wedding meltdown.

[For the record: #2 was becoming a 2-dress bride and #1 was invitation detail overload…stories for another post.]

Thankfully, my future husband (FH) and some good friends broke me out of the wedding funk with a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas!

* personal photo *

Aside from the fleeting wedding thought of eloping with an Elvis officiant, the sparkly lights, slot machine jingle and overeating was just what the doctor ordered to break the brewing bridezilla within. Yes, literally – one of our friends is a doctor J  It also helps that my FH has “lucky bones” and seems to get these trips to pay for themselves.  He loves craps and poker and although he never plays slots, lookee here:

Blazing 7’s for real!
* personal photo *

Proof I was cured: when I came home and set off to set up our registry, the consultant asked when our date was, and I had to stop and think…

Yay! Meltdown averted, I’m back!

Have you ever been close to the edge of a bridal breakdown? What did you do to de-stress?