Wednesday, March 9

From the Brink of a Bridal Breakdown

I’ve been feeling guilty for my “one and done” blog left unattended for several weeks. Only now looking back, can I see that creating it was #3 on the countdown to a complete wedding meltdown.

[For the record: #2 was becoming a 2-dress bride and #1 was invitation detail overload…stories for another post.]

Thankfully, my future husband (FH) and some good friends broke me out of the wedding funk with a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas!

* personal photo *

Aside from the fleeting wedding thought of eloping with an Elvis officiant, the sparkly lights, slot machine jingle and overeating was just what the doctor ordered to break the brewing bridezilla within. Yes, literally – one of our friends is a doctor J  It also helps that my FH has “lucky bones” and seems to get these trips to pay for themselves.  He loves craps and poker and although he never plays slots, lookee here:

Blazing 7’s for real!
* personal photo *

Proof I was cured: when I came home and set off to set up our registry, the consultant asked when our date was, and I had to stop and think…

Yay! Meltdown averted, I’m back!

Have you ever been close to the edge of a bridal breakdown? What did you do to de-stress?

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  1. I haven't reached a breakdown yet, though I've had a few mini freakouts when it comes to the budget! FI has a possible Vegas trip next month, and I'm tempted to let him gamble to increase our budget, is that bad?!

    If only I could be sure he'd come home with at least the same he left with, if not more ;)