Thursday, July 21

A Bittersweet Symphony...

...yeah, that's life.

Most of you already know that it's time to semi-retire my sequined skirt. Assuming a new identity is almost like starting a new job. You're still the same you, and yet it's different.

Against all blogging advice, I'm going to try and keep my two personas separate and unmet. I've shared some things here that won't make it over there. And I won't lie - it's kind of fun to get a proverbial 'clean slate.'

Thank you for all your love and support for pink sequins. Without you, I wouldn't have had the confidence to put myself up for the new challenge. Knowing you were there reading, commenting, and encouraging kept me honest and posting every day. I appreciate you more than you know. With all of my pink sequined heart, thank you.

With happy tears, it's time to sign off. If you want to know where I've landed, feel free to hit me up on email and I'll be happy to share my new adventure with you!

Love and aloha,
ps. xoxox


  1. What?? What's going on? I'm confused

  2. Yeah, I don't get it? I'm confused as to why you are going to stop this blog. Did you get married suddenly and just don't feel like posting at this point?

  3. *hugs* I totally support it ladykins! I shall see you on the flipside soon! :D Though I guess I'll have to try and find you elsewheres now!

    Im gonna miss all the pink! arent you?