Monday, July 18

Spreading the Love

Post-proposal, we headed back home to start our normal Friday - except now we were ENGAGED! Yay!

Remember my man-gagement present? Well, so much time had elapsed since we bought it and in the flurry of excitement in proposing, Mr. PS forgot that now he could wear his watch. Double yay!

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Notifying the parental units was the very next order of business. I'm originally from Ohio, and my parents still live there. Because of the distance, Mr. PS placed a call earlier in the week to ask them for their blessing. Such a gentleman! As Mr. PS tells the story, Poppa PS questioned "are you sure?" and then said "good luck with that." What a joker.

As I mentioned before, I've had a prior engagement (or two). My parents knew of Mr. PS's upcoming proposal and instead of the expected phone call I decided to send flowers to announce our engagement, hoping to bring in an element of surprise.

Momma PS received the flowers and did what any proud mother would do - she posted a photo on my Facebook wall for all the world to see.

* personal photo *

Oh crap! I saw it during a business lunch and could not call her fast enough. Delete! Delete! Delete! Mr. PS had not yet told his family, and we planned to host a dinner with them at our favorite local restaurant the next evening. That picture had to go, and STAT. I'm friends with Mr. PS's siblings and we didn't want to ruin the surprise. After a quick scramble, she figured out how to erase the evidence. Could Momma PS keep it a secret for another 24 hours?

Um, in a word - no. To her credit, she lasted almost 20 before she posted it on her own wall. Sneaky, sneaky mom. My extended family started peppering my FB with congratulations. Sadly, I deleted each one as it came in and dinner could not come soon enough.

Somehow Mr. PS and I managed to keep our engagement under wraps until dinner. Mr. PS's brother came down from the Bay area and his sister and family traveled 3 hours to be there. His other BIL speculated that someone was either pregnant or engaged. We maintained our poker faces.

I don't know, doc!

Finally after we had all eaten, Mr. PS made the announcement and my ring found it's rightful place back on my finger. Whew! I'm a terrible liar and felt relieved to reveal our secret.

FMIL PS inspecting the goods
* personal photo *

Engagement watch and FMIL PS tearing up
* personal photo *

It's officially official!
* personal photo *

We gave our families a little engagement drama and those stories bring back a flood of excited anticipation as we spread the love...

How did you decide to share the news of your engagement with your families? Share your experience with me, did you receive any unique or unexpected responses?

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  1. I rang my Mum in England from NYC and she kept saying NO, then she shreiked 'Awwwww congratulations!!'