Tuesday, June 14

Survey Says....

This morning I thought about how I was painfully thrust back into my wedding planning process, and that we might play a guessing game in the style of Family Feud to make the memory fun for all of us.

Name 5 things you expect to see at a wedding ceremony:

1. Bride, check.

2. Groom, check. (I told you he loves beagles, didn't I?)

3. Rings, check.

4. Flowers, ch -?

[Sound of record needle scratching across the album for effect]

Oh, yeah. Flowers. 

See, we have a florist for personal and reception flowers. And we wanted to investigate whether our parish's altar society could source and decorate the church in a more *ahem* cost-effective manner for the ceremony. So my future-mother-in-law set up the meeting on that fateful Saturday morning.

And who better to extend a warm and friendly welcome to us than this?

No joke. He was not happy to see us. I'll let your imaginations process how the morning went from there. Any guesses? What thoughts are running through your head at this point of my meeting? Post me some love in the comments :)

And with that, I can't even bear to know what awaits in the number 5 spot on the survey...

* All personal photos


  1. Why ello there! :D what adorable picks, I personally love the first one on the list of course :D

    Im sorry the bird's manager didnt show up and present flowers for your consideration. I think you should file a complaint with the bird...Im sure he'll get around to it eventually

  2. So nice of you to stop by and comment, Bella - thanks! If you only knew how close you are to the actual events of the morning - ha! I may go back and risk bird bites to file said complaint just to own the story :)

  3. lol! I totally and completely agree that you should ;)

    I do hope you figure out flowers though, whats your plan now? Do you know what you want in regards to flowers?

  4. I am curious about the bird...stepping on his turf? HMMM
    Love the blog :)

  5. Bella - good question! I found my inspiration photo, and I hope to reveal it in tonight's post. Just have to figure out how to get there, ya know? lol

    tnt - thanks for stopping by! He was pacing and shuffling in for an attack - aaack :)

  6. Love the birdy! I agree with tnt, you were on his turf ;)