Wednesday, June 15

Rule of 2: Cheap - Fast - Good

So by now you've met my new friend, Groucho...

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At least some'one' was there to greet us. Upon calling and finding our church contact was at a BBQ, we waited for the grower to come in from the fields to meet us. For our 10am appointment.  * SIGH *  Our flower idea was quickly costing me more in time and sanity that I cared to invest to get blooms done well at minimum cost.

AHA! I recalled a customer service lesson learned as an intelligence officer at the Pentagon:

The philosophy succinctly captures the interaction of cost, quality, and speed. And the challenge is that you can only have 2 aspects, not all 3. By applying this "Rule of 2" to wedding planning, I can decide what a task or project is worth. Here's how it works:

If it's GOOD and FAST, it can't be CHEAP.

If it's CHEAP and GOOD, you won't get it FAST.

If it's FAST and CHEAP, it won't be GOOD.

I wasn't getting anywhere close to 2 of these elements with the current approach to sourcing our ceremony flowers.  What a headache! So I did what any naturally introverted analytical would -- spend two hours scouring google images for floral inspiration.

Here's some of the loveliness I found:



Pretty, but not perfect. My tragic flaw is that my mind's eye has blurry vision. I have a fuzzy idea in my head like a Magic Eye 3-D picture. Remember those? You simultaneously squint and de-focus while holding it close to your face to make the image pop like a turkey thermometer.  In my world, I am unable to articulate what I want and can't figure it out without a lot of stress and strain. Sounds fun, huh? Unfortunately for those who love me, this trait is maddening to experience until I finally 'get' it. Like this:

Do you see what I see? Welcome to my world!

Can you relate to my struggle or are you able to easily translate your ideas into reality?! Add a comment and show me some love! Bonus points if you can tell me what 'pops' out of the 3-D image...


  1. Aaargh I've never been able to do those 3D things, what does that mean for me? haha.
    Love the 2nd picture of flowers.
    I looked at your triangle diagram and got it straight away - perhaps I've missed my calling.
    So you worked at the Pentagon - Wow. Bet that kept you on your toes.

  2. AlwaysWright - so nice to see you here! I checked out your blog and added myself to your followers :)

    That work necessitated a Cheap-Fast-Good philosophy. Every project was #1 emergency top priority and we needed a way to set expectations, ha!

  3. Love the diagram. I've heard the philosophy from my parents for years (mom worked at NORAD when she was in the airforce)!!

  4. That diagram is awesome. I've always heard it, but never knew it was an actual rule of thumb!

    The first and last pictures are my favorite, but I think the last would look better w/ your dress, the red might clash?

    I totally relate to your struggle. And I have no idea what that 3D thing is, you'll have to come back and tell us! They always make me cross-eyed and my eyes water haha :)