Thursday, June 16

Nothing is ever easy.

The title becomes my mantra whenever things like wedding flowers derail forward momentum in my fuzzy mind's eye. I finally googled the quote today to discover that this man is owed some PS props, and I'll admit he looks like a guy who might say something like that. With all due respect, sir:

Author Terry Goodkind 

My eternal optimist fiance and I discovered a shirt in a Tahoe souvenir shop that explains the same sentiment a little differently...although Mr.PS feels that it accurately describes his dealings with me on occassion, and we both laugh when we see it - ha! Yes, this shirt is in my pajama rotation.

My trouble is that I didn't want to care about wedding flowers. Pretty enough, I prefer to love succulent plants. To me they are the real-life translation of a Dr. Seuss book setting. Case in point, here's a look at our balcony, with not a traditional flower in sight.

Initial attempts at flower inspiration included these lovelies in the equation.
via                                                       via

Succulents happen to be a major trend in wedding decor nowadays. And trends usually up the asking price. Since we decided that flowers fall low on the list of budgeted priorities, it was back to the drawing board. Several months, hundreds of hours logged on google and one parrot later, I found IT - perfection. Ahhhh, sweet flower relief and my new happy place! Thankfully, they go with decisions already made, especially the attire of the entire wedding party. Whew.

The fascinating part of the wedding planning process for me is that when I truly get it and it feels right, everything falls into place and is naturally very easy! Wait a minute, did I just say that?!  

And now here it is, my final flower inspiration you've all been patiently waiting 4 posts to see...

Now that I've revealed mine, what's your favorite? And where do flowers rank on your list of priorities? Post a comment and show me some love!


  1. That's very whimsical.
    Flowers for me weren't the highest priority but when I started deciding on them I realised they were part of what I envisaged and were therefore quite important.

  2. :D I love the color combinations!
    Flowers are important, but much less so I think because our wedding has been sized down. I want nice flowers of course, but they are only as important as the space allows them to be. And since we haven't found a venue yet...well I guess that's where we should start first!

    Also, love the way you wrote this entry!

  3. I love your inspiration picture! It's so lovely. Flowers weren't the highest priority for me but I'm a micromanager at heart so it's all relative! Our florist was the last vendor to be booked, but come wedding day I'll have met with him at least four times to make sure everything is perfect! I can't help myself... I am difficult. :-)

  4. AlwaysWright - interesting perspective! I wonder if I'll have a similar experience. We meet with the reception florist again next month, and will pick out ceremony flowers in August. Since we live amidst the growers, everyone is a little more relaxed about how soon to make decisions. Works for me!

    Bella - it took several revisions to get our color palette 'just so', and it really came together in this bouquet. Now if only our vendors can make it a reality! Good luck on the venue search...any potentials you've found so far?

    SparkedLove - Thank you! I'm with you on the details, if I don't manage to figure these things out and ask for what I discover I want, I'm afraid I'll be disappointed with the results. And who wants to be disappointed on their wedding day? Sounds like your FI could find you a shirt, too - lol :)

  5. Bella - I forgot to mention that your post on Tuesday inspired the beginnings of this post. I really liked the quote approach, thanks!

  6. The inspiration picture is perfect! Flows so well with your dress, yet it won't blend in, either.

    As of right now, flowers are pretty low on my list. We'll see what happens as we get closer to the big day!

  7. awww thanks Pink! I wish blogger had a "reply" notification, that way I would be able to see, well your replies!

    As far as venues go, well I was going to do a post on that soonish...because well, right now its like a small pool, but S is very picky about these things (we really did fall in love with that one place, Heritage Hall, but with now only 40 people in a space for would look odd). So I guess its still up in the air!

    Im glad I inspired you! I feel flattered :D Well it works doesnt it? It helps you set the mood for the post I think.