Friday, June 17

A Wedding Is A Day...

...A Marriage is a Lifetime.

I've spent the first week of blog resurrection focused on a small-ish detail that sent me reeling back into wedding planning. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have devoted 4 posts about battling to flower victory if it weren't important to me.

However, I feel a detour is now appropriate because Mr.PS and I have arrived at the weekend of our Engaged Encounter. As Catholics, we must complete a weekend seminar to fulfill a requirement for marriage in our local parish. Specifically, we seek:

This little piece of paper is our passport to matrimony! But more than that, the weekend is a timeout from real life to connect and reflect on our relationship. Don't trust me, it's on their website...

"Wondering why to attend for an Entire Weekend? The weekend experience offers each couple the insights, the tools and the confidence to enrich their relationship and strengthen their love for one another. They learn that good marriages don't just happen."

Sounds good to us! We devoted a lot of time prior to our engagement on counseling to develop great communication skills, and I'm interested to discover what new things we might learn in a retreat format. 
The title and header is the Engaged Encounter motto. I wholeheartedly agree and look forward to another [very short] break from wedding planning - how convenient for me! 

I won't leave you without a dose of planning prettiness to fend against withdrawal until my return. Please head over and visit my friend at Our Common Cup, Like me, she's fairly new to the scene and you'll find that is a natural blogger. My favorite posts so far are The Dress and My Wedding Look Book..., although you will find all of her writing lovely! Be sure to post a comment so she knows you stopped by.

Think good thoughts for Mr.PS this weekend. Especially since we can't be each other's roommates, we're sure to bring a pair of these. Just in case.


What steps have you taken to keep the marriage at the forefront of wedding planning? Was it a requirement or self-recommended? And how satisfying did you find the process of reflection and connection? Take a moment to comment and show me some love :)

I'll apologize in advance if the formatting is wonky. I can't get it to smooth out - sorry. Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday!


  1. Just curious as this isn't something that I'm familiar with, why is it that you aren't allowed to be each other's roommates?

    For us, anytime I get stressed about anything related to the day, my future husband reminds me that it's just one day, and he's so right, it really is just a day! (Albeit an important one, but still!)

    For us, we haven't had a required reflection of any sort, but I think we've naturally come about having a deeper bond since our engagement.

    Have fun this weekend, you'll have to make sure to let us know how it was!

  2. Im with Godiva on this one; S is usually my touchstone for keeping my planning feet firmly on the ground and remembering its just one day, and not to have a conniption whenever something I want to happen wont happen. Im going to miss you over the weekend! but I will stop by Cup's as well as maybe read some of your old posts.
    Have a wonderful weekend love, and tell us how it goes!