Friday, July 15

Could it be now? A Man-gagement Proposal

A few weeks after choosing my e-ring [backstory here], Mr. PS and I vacationed in Cabo. My bestie speculated that a proposal might be in the works, but I knew it was probably too soon.

Nevertheless, we had the best vacation ever! Surfing, sunning, and relaxing were the only activities on the agenda...

Land's End at El Arco

Reading my Kindle at Zippers beach

and I get to practice my surf photography!

yet there's still plenty of time to 'get wet'

Mission accomplished. I'll admit only ONE mistake than thankfully ended happily. Suckered into a timeshare presentation, we spent precious surfing time at non-existent hotel property so we could get the freebies - a jet ski excursion, glass bottom boat know the drill.

Seriously, hard hats required!

This was the first and only time I think Mr. PS wanted to shake sense into my head, haha! Four hours later we cried "never again!" and with vouchers in hand made haste to the nearest beach.

One coupon claimed $100 credit at Diamonds International jewelry store. If you're a skeptic like me, you'll appreciate the need to adventure in to see what you can buy for a benjamin. And just as I suspected, there was nothing. But....

As luck would have it, Mr. PS fell in LOVE with a watch in the case. I lapped all the displays twice as he OOHHed and AAHHed over this timepiece. It had all the features he wanted and was unlike any in his collection. He couldn't take it off and wouldn't stop gazing at its beauty. Alas, he sighed that he couldn't buy it because he was saving for my ring.

Aha! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Exactly. I offered to buy the watch for Mr. PS with the condition that he could wear it once we were properly engaged. If I get to wear a sparkly ring, what's to say that Mr. PS can't sport an engagement watch?! In fact, the more I thought about it, it only seemed fair that he should have some bling to show off as well. Plus, the devil on my shoulder couldn't help but think it could be incentive. A little bribery never hurt, right?

Apparently and unbeknownst to me, man-gagement presents are all the rage. There's a post from Mrs. Nachos about the man-gagement watch she gifted her DH here. And, Mrs. Hot Cocoa raises the bar with a man-gagement ring. Very cool.

So we left Cabo with sun-kissed skin, lots of rest, and a gorgeous watch that Mr. PS would have to wait four months to wear. Which really only meant that I had to continue to wait (sometimes not so patiently) for my Tiffany treasure.

Doesn't he look happy and handsome?

What do you think about gifting your beloved to commemorate the engagement? What did or would you choose to present?

ps. In a special Saturday installment, I'll post the final part of our engagement story. Mr. PS gets down on one knee, yay!


  1. All caught up! Subscribing to email asap ;)

    I didn't even think about a man-gagement present, maybe that would have sped the wait up a bit? Hmmm I wonder what other occasions I can use this bribery tactic for? Hehe

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