Wednesday, July 13

When All I Want Is You, Our Ring Story

Do you recognize this guy? It's Bono, lead singer of Mr. PS's all-time favorite band, U2. Appropriate for the topic at hand, I think. Click Watch on YouTube to cue the mood music…

“You say you want diamonds and a ring of gold
You say you want your story to remain untold

But all the promises we made
From the cradle to the grave

When all I want is you.”

I’m sure you can relate to your own experience when I say I’ll never forget the day Mr. PS proposed. To give you the full story, we must rewind time back five months before he was on bended knee. 

We had been living together in blissful harmony for several months and knew before we moved in that we were headed toward marriage.

Snuggle bunnies!

It was our dating 18 month-a-versary and Mr. PS asked me if I was happy. I looked at him with googly eyes and said yes, of course! Then he asked me if I was really happy. Again I said yes. Finally, Mr. PS nonchalantly mentioned that he knew what would make me happier, and stroking my left finger said “a ring.”

Girls, when a man tells you it's time to find your ring, you don’t ask questions – you just go! I immediately made a date with my bestie to start the search in Stanford.

I’ve been engaged before. Twice. I’ve been down this road once with a family heirloom and again with complete surprise. Needless to say, I picked neither the rings nor the men in the end.

This time I did what I’ve always wanted and headed straight for the place that starts with “T” and ends “& Co.” Oh yes, I’ve fallen completely for their marketing ploy – in my world this is where bridal dreams come true. Damn you, Audrey Hepburn!

Now I already know what you're thinking. It's just a name, you can get the same quality and more ring at a more affordable price point without the name. I know, I know. But c'mon. I can't resist that little blue box with the satin ribbon.

I tried on all the styles, and the classic Tiffany setting like the one pictured above chose me as 'the one.' Now if only I could figure out how to break the price news to Mr. PS. We didn't discuss budget before I rushed out the door. Seriously, we could by a car for the same money. Sheesh.

No bueno. Unless maybe I waited five years to get engaged...did I mention I was 33 years old at the time? My clock's ticking, I so wanted to be engaged, and yet here I was talking about postponing to get this ring?!

My bestie would not allow such crazy talk and offered to go see her jeweler for something similar. I had other plans and went to the Tiffany's closer to home in Carmel. How could I explain my situation delicately? I told my sweet consultant/gemologist Sarah that I reeeeeallllly wanted to be a Tiffany girl but could not ask Mr. PS for the car version and wondered if she could get me in the club with a ring more along the lines of a scooter. Vespas are cute, right?

Sarah's cautious optimism turned up success! My ideal ring and the only one in all of Tiffany's worldwide inventory was in THAT STORE! SCORE! Even Sarah was surprised to find it, so I knew serendipity was at work.

The next day Mr. PS humored me and met me during our lunch hour to see the ring. He agreed it was the one and even tried on some wedding bands. Oh, crap! We were really doing this! 

We talked about it and agreed that we would be engaged before the end of the year. I found my dream ring and now the real waiting would begin! 

Believe me when I tell you that even though I showed Mr. PS exactly what I wanted, the ring and proposal would be a complete surprise!

How do you feel about choosing the ring for yourself pre-proposal? Did you two go that route or was it a decision your beloved made on their own?


  1. Oh I love this story! Mr. B and I ring shopped together pre-engagement but the ring was a complete surprise when he finally did propose. I love Tiffany's too and almost got my wedding band there.. almost! :-)

  2. FH and I went ring shopping together before hand, and even visited Tiffany's, where my dream ring was. However the price tag was enough for a down payment on a house, so he had the ring custom made based off my lovely dream ring. In the end, the proposal and ring itself was a complete and utter surprise!