Tuesday, July 12

DIY Deets - 'I Do' Shoe Stickers

Here we go, how to give your soles a little DIY personality!

Step 1: Decide what you want the shoes to say.

Straightforward "I DO" separated on each shoe

Initials and date

Available from Etsy seller Morbid Materials

Step 2: Think about how you want the words to be read, e.g. kneeling or sitting. The photos you want to capture can help you decide so that the stickers are placed right side up.

Although we are having a full Catholic wedding mass, I suspect my dress will cover my shoes and so I chose to affix my stickers for a sitting photo op:

Step 3: Head out to local craft store to gather necessary supplies. Isn't this the reason we DIY? Shopping trip! Don't forget to clip your coupons or download them on your smartphone. 

personal photo

There are lots of fun options including rhinestones in a rainbow of colors! Since my shoes are already covered in blush pink sequins, pearly white was a better choice for mine.

Step 4: If you choose to bling out the lettering, here's where you pluck and stick. Repeat process until all your letters are covered in prettiness.

Step 5: Cut out your letters and decide their optimal placement. Don't forget your decision in Step 2 about how you want the words to read! I used clear photo mounting squares to mock up the look. Here's my first try:
Placed too high
personal photo

Step 6: Once you get it just right, stick those suckers on for reals, yo!

Step 7: Sit back and admire your handiwork. Aren't they so pretty? Aren't I so great?!

  • Sticko dimensional stickers. $3.60 + tax (after 40% discount from $5.99)
  • Recollections adhesive faux pearls. $4.20 + tax (after 40% discount from $6.99)

  • $8 in materials
  • 2 hours of time (less if you pre-buy alphas that are already blinged out)

Now, you may wonder why go to all the trouble for something most guests won't see. I'll leave you with two final inspiration photos to maybe sway you my way.

So romantic!

Read this, buddy!

There you have it! Do you think it's worth it, and did you/will you add this personal touch to your footwear? 


  1. I think it's worth it, just wish I had more pics. I didn't think of what you mentioned too - when kneeling down my shoes weren't visible.

  2. I'm so going to be doing this DIY