Monday, July 11

Kicking Up My Heels, DIY Style

Happy Monday! Another weekend down and closer to W-Day. I'm starting to feel time compress like this downward spiral.

Isn't that a cool image? I love me some google searching!

Anyway, it's high time to buckle down and get to work on our invitations. They came in two months ago and are sitting in boxes waiting for a loving someone to show them the light of day. So I did what any rational procrastinator would do and focused all my effort and attention.........on something else.

But not to worry, I promise that it was a wedding related project. Remember these lovelies?

personal photo

The sequin-covered topside makes me swoon every time I see them. The soles, on the other hand, were lacking a certain sparkle. You DIY-brides know what I'm talking about. 'I do' stickers! Inspiration abounds with a quick google image search.

Super duper cute, right? How adorable is the second photo as her 'something blue' with the added bonus of well wishes from her bridesmaids? My fellow brides on the Weddingbee message boards are also in on the sweetness.



An search yields over 80 options for 'I do' stickers. Grooms can also get in on the action and even go so far as to announce cold feet quite literally! 

With so many inspirations and options to choose from, this should be a no-brainer, right? Except with what you already know, I must find a way to complicate even a seemingly straightforward project. So I started my search at Michael's Arts & Crafts for the perfect stickers. There are at least 10 stores within my work geography and you can bet I checked the racks of at least 8 of them.

After finding a font that appealed to me in the right size and with numbers as well as letters (this is not as easy as you might initially think!) I consulted a friend about my choice. She liked them except wished they had more depth. Inspiration struck again at Michael's where I discovered adhesive faux pearl bead embellishments. What if I put them on top of the sticker to get more of a 3-D effect?

personal photo

For two hours I plucked those little suckers and stuck them lovingly to 12 letters & numbers. Look for my full tutorial in tomorrow's post. Until then, here's a peek at the finished product. I'm so pleased with the result!

personal photo

Nothing compares to crafting on a lazy Sunday in pajamas, haha! A special thanks goes to Mr. PS for snapping this shot. Now if only I could magically transform that pile of waiting invitations...I guess that's what next Sunday is for.

personal photo

What wedding DIY projects are on your list? How do you prioritize which ones to tackle and what's been most rewarding so far?

ps. xoxox

pps. I'd like to offer a heartfelt "CONGRATULATIONS" to my friend Bellanouva who found herself engaged this past Saturday. Yay!


  1. Love the fact you've got the date. Did you see mine? They're the blue ones you posted but on your pic her BMs had signed her shoes - if i've remembered that bit right. I just wish I'd had more photos taken of them - there's a lesson for you. ;)

  2. Ah those look awesome! I have been meaning to get started on some stuff, but I keep telling myself that I have plenty of time :D

  3. They are super-cute! I'm loving the laid-back DIY vibe :)

  4. Love the pearls, they totally add that little something extra! And the groom's shoes are awesome, going to have to show them to SO :)