Friday, July 8

Partying, partying

Happy Friday! We've made it to another weekend, tgif. I don't know about you, but I have quite a few friends celebrating their birthdays this month. In fact, two of my workmates were born on this day in history, and another dear friend has hers tomorrow.

Out for a girl-date last night, the sushi restaurant where we ate introduced a unique way of announcing a birthday. I've seen disco balls while the staff sings and brings ice cream with a candle, but never anything like this:

sake shots?!

thank you very much!

Omg, it was so loud! Extra points if you can find the two kids holding their ears. Fun, but not my top choice for a birthday fete.

Don't get me wrong, I love to celebrate the day people were born. I send my mom flowers on my birthday and started a similar tradition for my future mother-in-law on Mr. PS's birthday. My next favorite aspect is gift giving. The first birthday Mr. PS shared with me was his 40th - a huge responsibility to ring with proper fanfare. How cool is it that his favorite band threw a concert in his honor in Vegas?!

U2 360 Tour

Black Eyed Peas opened with "I Gotta Feeling"

Yay, Sequins!

Unfortunately for me, the past two birthdays I've had to spend away from home on work trips. Boo!

Sequin fun fact - Mr. PS and I were born in the same week, seven years apart. Check this out:

Scorpio and Scorpio love compatibility 

These two are capable to light the fire even in the water. The problem is that they are too similar. They are both resolute, both are proprietors, and both have awful characters. They are highly jealous and demanding. They are so intense that every little storm quickly becomes a hurricane. Both are sulky, brooding, possessive. Both are in a continual struggle to force the other to relinquish control. If they have different opinions about something, it may result in big cracks in their relationship, and as a result the mutual understanding between them will evaporate. Their connection can not last long outside a warm atmosphere of the bedroom. The connection is extraordinary. The marriage is a real disaster!

Uh oh! Not to worry, we've worked hard to overcome the challenges described above and live in peaceful harmony despite our horoscope. Next week I'll fill you in and get to the proposal already. Until then, I hope you have a happy, relaxing weekend.

What traditions for birthdays do you celebrate? How do you deal with getting another year older? Do you flaunt it or fret it? This 30-something bride really wants to know!

ps. Thank you all for your contributions and comments this week. It's been more than hectic and although I've been unable to respond to your thoughts individually, know that I read them all and appreciate your perspective and insight. Aloha and mahalo!


  1. Man, now I really want sushi! Happy Friday!

  2. I too though TGIF on the way to work this morning.

    I turned 30 something last December ;) We like to have a day off or so for our birthdays or even go away if we can. I flaunt my birthday though I'm sure that may stop one day.

  3. :D I love that you included your signs in here! God I wish I had thought of that :D We are a Virgo and Taurus Combo! Which I hear is quite good!

    :D also, dont worry about the hectic! I totally understands, Im just trying to catch up on blog posts now lol

  4. SO and I definitely take our birthdays off from work and celebrate :-D I've always flaunted it, but turning 25 was the first year I've fretted it lol. I feel like a 'real' adult now ;)