Thursday, July 7

The Whirlwind Begins

Although it took a little warming up to the idea, Mr. PS and I wasted no time getting to the sizzle! Which makes me think of bacon...

Oh wait, I'm supposed to be sharing a love story. Right. Getting back on track, the spark was a little more like this...

Mr. PS would serenade me to sleep over the phone with his guitar. We'd pretend to watch "Caddyshack" and snuggle on the couch instead. He'd leave me love post-its on my car to find in the morning and we would make out in the street like a couple of teenagers for what seemed like an hour before he drove himself home for the night. Ahhh, new love! So fun, so exhilirating!


Strangely enough, we made family introductions within the first two weeks of dating. His lives locally, and mine just happened to host a mini-reunion in Vegas for my grandma's 80th birthday.

with Momma PS in Vegas

and family day with Mr. PS's clan

We love to take photos of our experiences together, so I'll let the pictures do the talking...

beach walks

board games

beach cruisers

community service

We fell fast and decided pretty early on that we were a good match. After almost a year of dating, it was time to make the move and figure out where to live...together!

facing our future

Nesting deserves it's own post, and even after that it would be nearly another year before Mr. PS popped the question.

Now it's time to turn the tables...did you and your beloved make the leap to settle in before the ring? What factored into your decision to move? Or not?


  1. Yall are so cute together! And I love that pink bike... I tried to convince sam to buy one of those at target the other day, no dice :D

    So, to answer your question, we moved in together before we got engaged. Looking back on it now, people would probably say I was stupid for doing that because we barely even talk about getting married at that point, but it worked for us :)

  2. we moved in after the ring. I had just graduated college his other lease was up. We moved in together because we were spending so much time together anyway!

  3. You two are so adorable! We made family introductions very soon into our courtship too. We decided to live at home until we both finished our studies, and we are hoping to move in together sometime next year though :) He finishes his school in about 6 months time! woo hoo! :)

  4. Love the post it note and Jenga- everyone loves a bit of that.

    We moved in a year later too. We knew it was right. I moved to MrWright's city as he had more things keeping him there, like a son and his Mum is older and needs a bit of help every now and then.

  5. We moved in together after a year as well! Must be the cool thing to do. :P

  6. We moved in together after only 6 months, pretty quick compared to all the comments here! The ring didn't come for 2.5+ years, but we knew we were in it for good :)