Friday, July 1

Out on a Limb

This week has been one for blog randomness...I'll focus more on planning details next week - I promise! There's lots to share about venues, dressing the maids, and dressing the moms, as well as deets about how we met, the proposal, and the all-important ring story. I've got a lot of ground to cover to get us through the next few months to W-Day!

Today I'll finish the week with a family story about nesting. You've already met Ollie, the seven pounds of snuggly sunshine we spoil with affection. Isn't he so sweet?

Ollie acts more like a doting puppy than a indifferent feline in all ways but one. He is a brat cat when it comes to toys and playthings. The most glaring example? Mr. PS loves to rub it in that Ollie prefers a cardboard box to an designer bed.

Did you notice there's a beanie baby dog in the $100 Hepper pod? And the box is from Trader Joe's...for free. Ugh.

Ollie doesn't venture outdoors, so he's limited to what's inside for comfort and stimulation. He's been oversleeping and doesn't have a high place to call his own except for the window sill. I've been looking for many, many months for a cat climber that combines functionality with pleasing aesthetics. The Hepper was a step in a direction that failed to appeal to my furry friend.

Guess what happened yesterday? I found it! Here's a photo montage of how it went down.

white glove inspection

quality check for durability

not sold...yet

hmmmm, cardboard box - this is more to my liking

a few treats of bribery did the trick for a moment

I really, really dislike the look of traditional cat trees. The carpet and sisal sends shivers of cringes down my spine. I would have preferred the stacking cubes or even the natural beauty featured in Martha Stewart magazine. How cool are these?

             via                                                               via

I'm finally understanding that it's not about me on this one. If Ollie doesn't take to it, it's useless no matter how pretty it is. I learned the hard way with the Hepper pod, so carpet and sisal it is. At least it blends with the wall and curtains!

Everyone wins today, Ollie played himself to sleep...

And with that, I'd love to hear about your fur children and the ways you choose to spoil them. Do you have your own Hepper-like story, or do you hit home runs after a pet store purchase?

Happy weekend!

** all personal photos unless otherwise noted **


  1. The best toy I ever got for my Scottie was a Cairn puppy! lol Usually they get hand-me-downs from my mom's mastiff and usually they are a huge hit!

  2. Aw! This makes me want a kitty again.

  3. After many attempts to keep our pups in the kitchen of our old apt via different doggy doors (one which zoe got her head stuck in) we broke down and got an xl dog crate from costo for almost $200 that has plenty of room for our two tiny doggies to share comfortably. It's big and bulky and not pretty, but they don't hate it, so it stays!