Thursday, June 30

"PANIC: We're Still Hanging On"

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post for an "iPhone down" alert. At approximately 4:42 pm PDT, Mr. PS's phone turned off without prompting. Uh oh.

error image by dead_account from

Upon reboot, the home screen read "panic" and "we're still hanging on." For some reason, I couldn't help but think Diana Ross was trying to channel a message to Mr. PS.

I had a date night with a dear friend and came home after 8 pm to find Mr. PS in a distressed state. We call this the "sad beagle puppy" face. 

* personal photo *                                               

We'll let you be the judge, and I'm sure you can empathize if your phone's screen looked something like this, too.

Okay, okay - maybe I'm exaggerating, but nowadays cell phones serve as our main communications pathway to the world. And if you're like us, 'landline' doesn't exist in our vocabulary, let alone our household. His phone needed fixing, and STAT!

I can troubleshoot technology pretty well, and Mr. PS reluctantly let me takeover his computer to perform the backup and restore functions, slick the device and start fresh. In all honesty, I felt a little anxious. If the restore was unsuccessful, I was the only one to blame. 

 * iPhone self portrait *

The first attempt did not take. I got Error Code 14. Huh?! I was visibly nervous and chanted "go, go, go" and "do it, do it, do it" under my breath for the better part of 20 minutes on the second try. 

This time, victory was mine. Hooray!

I'll admit, I felt proud to display my technical ability for Mr. PS and his most cherished everyday possession. But more than that, I felt that he trusted me to take care of him during a moment when his pride could have interfered. Sync complete. Very cool. 

Now let's turn the tables. Have you had a similar experience in coming through for your beloved? I'm curious to learn about those strengths where your [future] spouse leans on you to lead the way. 


  1. Ok, you two are just adorable
    and yeah, I was totally freaking out yesterday when blogger went down! :O I can finally catch up with all my fave blogs now!
    Technology, you are a cruel mistress!

  2. Awwww I love this post :) I agree with Bellanouva, you two are stinking cute!

    And I totally empathize - remember my temperature issues with my iPhone a few months ago? Glad his phone is all better!