Wednesday, June 29

One Track Mind

This wasn't what I had in mind to reveal today, but unfortunately Mr. PS caught me with the proverbial pants down. Oh no!


Promise not to laugh? I'm addicted to reality TV. Last night's guilty pleasure featured "The Bachelorette," courtesy of our DVR.

We affectionately refer to it as 2 hours of your life that you will never get back, it's that bad. And yet I love it. Mr. PS rolls his eyes and endures the drama, the tears, and the ridiculous return of Bentley because he loves me. I told you he's great, and I can't say it enough! Here's a reminder of how happy we are.

personal photo

Unfortunately, my indulgence in reality TV is not the worst of it. It's time I let you in on an embarrassing character flaw. As much as I wish it were, this is NOT me:


Although I'm learning to accept my multi-tasking incompetence, it's still difficult to say [deep breath] -- out loud. Whew, now you know, and can probably sense the perfect storm waiting to make landfall.

Mr. PS was watching intently while I was google searching at the same time. I didn't hear his comment about the nice guy on the date who didn't have much life experience. I didn't even say 'mm hmm' to semi-acknowledge he was talking to me.

After a 'hey' and a gentle nudge, Mr. PS noticed that I was facing exactly perpendicular from the proper viewing angle of the television. In that moment, he incredulously posed a question to the universe:
"What am I, watching this show 
all by myself?!"

Umm, oops. I was caught not paying attention after I had asked so nicely to please watch a show he would never choose for himself. 

I probably should have apologized.

Instead, I let out a huge laugh and couldn't stop! My poor future husband had been sucked into a story line of my show that I wasn't even bothering to watch. We finished out the episode together and then he quickly changed the channel to watch a poker tournament. 

Manliness restored.

Have you ever experienced a time when your loved one sacrificed for your enjoyment only to find that you weren't in the moment? What was the result - laughter or tears?


  1. Ooooo I do the half attention thing sometimes too...but my guilty pleasure that I do it for is often WB!
    I think SO has a love hate relationship with it now because now I too have something like his twitter that I spend a great deal of time on :P He's cute about it though, and just pokes me and says he wants some attention. I think its sweet :D

  2. Haha most times I'll put on a really bad movie that I think will be just hilarious (ie Revenge of the Bridesmaids a few weeks ago) and then tune it out. Luckily enough for my SO he has his laptop too, but he's normally also closer to the tv. Whoops!!