Tuesday, June 28

Puttin' on the Ritz

I'm excited to share today's post because it's the first of many opportunities to gush over the greatness that is my future husband. You see, it's Mr. PS who demonstrated how to make a wedding decision. With ease. And good judgment. And without changing it three times over. (Can you tell I'm a teeny bit envious of his natural ability in this department?)

After several months of struggling with venues. And color palettes. And themes. And flowers...I decided it was time to punt the planning over to Mr. PS. I thought for sure that dressing the men would buy me few weeks of sanity while he was in charge. 

So on a rainy Tuesday in February, Mr. PS lovingly agreed to share our weekly date night with a third wheel. We trudged over to our local Men's Wearhouse where I secretly hoped to meet this man:

No such luck. However, when Mr. PS crossed the threshold of the store, the warm, friendly welcome made him look like the celebrity! Little did I know that he had been buying his suits here for nearly a decade and his consultant happened to be on shift. We were in good hands. Even better, we learned about a little sale that happens every few months and as luck would have it was running just then.

Whaaaa?! Seriously? This is where my mind is blown in 3....2....1...

We wanted suits, and suits we got. Instead of asking our guys to rent a tux and fork out $149 for a rental, they are getting a suit they can keep. The suit retails for $200, and with the sale applied came out to $100 each. Their ties and shirts were also BOGO. Their shirts, originally $40, were on sale for $20 and with the offer averaged to $10 per shirt. SCORE! You wanna see the goods? Of course you do!

* personal photos *

Just like that and in an instant, the boys were dressed. Mr. PS gave me a hug and a kiss, and a bit of advice - "Wedding planning is easy." I hate to admit it, but he's right. Too bad his skill has yet to rub off of me.  

Friends, this is totally the way to go IMHO. Trusting Mr. PS with wedding tasks has given us with so many memories and great stories. When I see all the decisions we've made on W-Day, I'll feel pride and happiness to remember that we're in it and did it together.

What hidden strengths or talents has wedding planning revealed of your future spouse? Have you had any similar serendipitous moments where decision-making was this easy? Share your thoughts and post a comment below!


  1. With wedding planning came the discovery of Mr. B's hidden creative talent! He's an engineer so naturally good with his hands, but who knew he'd be so talented with an embossing gun!? :-)

  2. Hey, SparkedLove! I'm sure you'll agree that the wedding planning process has illuminated many otherwise untapped skills of our fiances. Though I haven't met him, I can picture your Mr. wielding the embossing gun, LOL!

  3. Looks Snazzy! Very nice :D
    It'll be a miracle and something unexpected when I finally convince SO to wear some sort of suit

    Heres hoping lol!
    (Hey, I got him to wear a tie, thats a step in the right direction!)

  4. Sparkedlove11 - seems both our guys are handy with embossing guns. It was actually my SO's idea to buy one in the first place!

    This definitely balances out his ability to find reasonably prices BM dresses. That's one decision he will not be making ;)