Monday, June 27

Bridal Breakdown # ?? - I've lost count.

Hello dear friends, happy Monday! I hope your weekend was full of fun and happiness. Mine certainly was, although it didn't start out that way...

Remember last week I was all insightful and inspired? I even had the nerve to use 'om' in one of those posts. Well, it only took a mysteriously missing bridesmaid's dress to derail the zen-like approach to wedding planning in one quick instant. My FB status update says it all.

WTH is right, Miss Rachel. It's a bit of a story that I'll save for later this week. Here's a preview of that super fun day with my girls 3 months ago. 

For now, suffice it to say that I ordered and paid for all the dresses at that same time in one transaction. The dresses finally came in - YAY! and I picked them up last Friday before rushing off to the airport to visit my Maid of Honor in SoCal. Imagine my surprise turned frustration when the consultant said "she hasn't ordered hers yet" after I asked about the one that didn't come in. 

I now fully understand why couples elope, and those who don't wish they had. Here's a glimpse of our dream wedding heaven if I could have only let go of marriage in the church. Ahhhhh, Cabo.

But I digress. After a mildly tearful meltdown alone in the car, I laughed at myself for thinking that "nothing is ever easy." Thankfully, I was on my way to visit my dear Maid of Honor. If anyone could make this process fun again, it would be her. 

We even managed to squeeze in some computer time devoted to wedding planning. She came through in a big way and I'm back from the brink of another bridal breakdown - thanks, friend!

Now you know how I regain sanity when the going gets rough...I jet off to somewhere fun with friends! Who keeps you grounded on this roller-coaster journey to matrimony? What are your favorite escapes or de-stressing tips? I could definitely use them for a rainy day, so please take a moment and comment below!

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  1. Whenever you feel yourself unnerving, I suggest doing the following

    Take a long ass walk. Dont know where your going, just go. Do it. and then come home. It will make you feel like you walked off whatever was bothering you.
    Im a firm believer in the connection between mind and body. I work out when Im upset, mad, sad, or any kind of emotion I cant get a grip on. As much as I would love SO to help me with every emotional crisis, as well as WB ladies, sometimes you need to do things on your own to maintain your serenity. Thats how I do it, I just put my energy into something productive, and solitary. I love that you could turn to your MOH though- sometimes it also takes an outsider to shake you out of it. Whatever makes you happiest.

  2. Bella! Great advice, I used to walk a lot more and I'm going to reincorporate it as a de-stress method :) I'll pace when I get excited or inspired, so this is along those same lines - thanks!

  3. I completely understand the freak out! When I get stressed I take a long hot bath with a glass of wine and some relaxing music (I have a playlist called de-stress!) I also find that a little yoga helps relax me and refocus my attention to what's important.

    Bella - I agree with the need for solitary time! Sometimes you just have to deal with it on your own!

  4. SparkedLove, thanks for sharing! Gotta get in my iTunes and create a similar list in your honor :)