Friday, June 24

Got a Devil's Haircut in My Mind

Happy Friday, we made it. I'm finally making a return to work today after a weeklong battle with a sinus infection and laryngitis - yuk. Talk about good timing, I'm getting back just in time for the weekend. TGIF!

I'll pause to bring you a quick wedding freakout: TODAY MARKS 100 DAYS UNTIL W-DAY. That means it's a double-digit countdown for the next three months, AAAACK! Okay, freakout over. I just needed to capture that in writing somewhere, haha!

Yesterday's ramblings about wedding planning as a process of self-discovery sidetracked my initial intent to entertain you with outrageous hair styling. Some may argue 'high fashion' or 'couture,' and I'll let you be the judge.

For example, I thought about adding a flower as an accessory to my wedding hairstyle. Something romantic like a real gardenia would be easy enough to get from my florist and tuck behind my ear. Then again...maybe I want my stylist to work harder and create flowers out of my hair, like this?

I'm not sure what to make of this next style, so I consulted a creative genius, Mr. PS. I'm afraid to report that his imagination failed us here. Do you see a pig snout? Neither did I. He quickly recovered to say that it looked like a modern-day take on Princess Leia's locks, but I'm not letting the original suggestion go that easily.

Now you might be thinking that it would be impossible to combine the first two styles into one. I'll ask you to think again, my friends. It HAS been done:

And our last stop on the tour of outrageous hair needs no explanation. My only question is - how did they do THAT?!

Needless to say, I'll stick with the tamer selections I shared yesterday. Especially after a second look, none of those fancy 'dos seem veil-friendly. So which will it be -- Beyonce, Anne, or Sandra? And the winner is...

Here's another example I found that's similarly inspired.

Did your choice align with mine, or did you prefer another style? Post a comment and let me know what you're thinking. Thanks for sharing another week with me. Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday!

p.s. In case you're wondering, the title is a song blast from the mid-90s past by Beck. He explained the song as being "A really simplistic metaphor for the evil of vanity." via    Fitting, no?


  1. Hey you!
    I LOVE the hollywood glamour curls in both the Hathaway and model pick! And the crazy styles as well actually (how did they pull of the lion hair
    Anyways, Im going to finally take my sick time this weekend to catch up on your posts! Expect comments :D
    Super glad you feel better btw!

  2. WOW those are some interesting hair styles!! The lion one is just amazing, HOW in the world did they do that?!?

    I picked Sandra, but Anne was a close second in my book :) That style is going to look great on you!

  3. Those high fashions styles are crazy! I love the old hollywood glamours look you picked. The model pic is stunning!! Are you wearing a veil?