Thursday, June 23

By Hook or By Crook

It's time to create my wedding day look! No intentions to accomplish this   'by any means necessary,' though I always enjoy a good rhyme...

 I've chosen the dress, which shall remain unposted here. Mr.PS reads my blog and prefers to be surprised on our wedding day. We'll honor his choice for another three months. And like my shoes, I said yes to the dress...twice. Are you sensing a theme here? [Ed. note: I probably should have considered 'indecisive bride' as my screen name - LOL!]

The challenge is that time is quickly ticking down to W-Day and it's imperative to make decisions that I can stick with. Instead of over-thinking each task and forcing a choice in my quest for these:'s more important to take a deep breath and really feel that the choice is a reflection of me. I rarely approach everyday decisions with my heart, which may be why I find wedding planning so maddening. I'm learning that it can serve as a means to self-growth if I choose to accept the challenge.  om.

Whoa. Now I'm on a journey not only to find my inner voice, but to listen to it, too?! I didn't know I signed up for this when I said yes to the proposal and the ring...who knew decisions like flowers and shoes and makeup and hair could be so deeply affecting?

With this in mind, let's get to it, shall we? First stop is hair. I'm planning to wear it down and have narrowed 75 photo inspirations down to three distinct styles. 

We'll start with the loose, wavy locks of Beyonce. Very sexy, I'm wondering how much hairspray will be necessary to keep the curl fresh all day. Sounds like mission impossible.

Next up, the stylish curls of Anne Hathaway. This look has potential: it's polished and more finished than my everyday hair. And it may stand the test of time. Bookmarked!

And finally, who didn't love the sleek look of Sandra Bullock at the 2010 Academy Awards. Absolutely gorgeous in it's sophisticated simplicity.

So now, dear readers, I turn over the choice to you. I've already decided and would love to hear which celeb you think has the most wedding-worthy hairstyle for my big day.  Comment below and I'll post my big reveal tomorrow!


  1. My vote goes to Sandra's sophisticated simplicity!!

  2. I love Anne Hathaway's overall look but Sandra's simple locks would be beautiful too. I'm also indecisive! :-)